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Goals List

Post by AbsoluteCoin » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:07 pm

This is a goal guide for us as a community, please let the Development or Admin team know if you have any ideas or tasks that the community should consider working on. Please consider this a work in progress post, and in no way complete or final.

Immediate Goals
Setup and customized a new discord server - DONE
Github creation - DONE
Domain - DONE
DNS setup -DONE
New Blockchain Explorer - DONE
Website creation -Landing Page Created - More to follow
Consider Rebrand -In Progress
Collate consensus and review direction -In Progress
Decide on direction of the coin and its purpose -In Progress
New Install and user Guides -In Progress
Build team and community further
Marketing considerations
Social Media updates -In Progress
Update 3rd party links -DONE
Testnet Setup -DONE

Mid Term Goals (1-6 Months)
Re distribute rewards structure
Governance structure
New Wallet
IOS Wallet
New Exchanges

Long Term Goals (6+ Months)
IOS Wallet
More Exchanges
More here when we know where we are going.

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