01-06-18 Weekly Announcements

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01-06-18 Weekly Announcements

Post by CryptoCentric » Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:42 pm

Hi everyone here is your weekly announcement!

For new members... This week has seen a massive uptake in members, so from the whole team welcome! Thanks to those that have been spreading the word!

Wallets – Version 12.2.2a
The wallet update is now available, please make sure you update ASAP!

Here are the links:
Wallets: https://github.com/absolute-community/a ... tag/12.2.2
Guides: https://github.com/absolute-community/absolute/wiki

We are still working on the Mac and 32 Bit wallets, apologies for the delay here, we will be releasing them as soon as they are ready.

I will be issuing a separate announcement regarding further details of the upgrade once adaption is confirmed.

Version 12.2.2a still has a 1000 ABS collateral, the next version which we are planning on releasing in one months time will increase this collateral to 2500 ABS, this was based on an earlier community vote which was completed on the 18-05-18. This release will be a mandatory upgrade.

Governance is being activated today at block number 98800, we need to test that the system is working as expected. Once testing has been completed, the proposal system and further details on how to vote using the system will be released. Further details on how governance works can be seen here: https://docs.dash.org/en/latest/governa ... nding.html

Saturdays will now be known as “Superblock Saturday”, as there will be a super block issued every Friday afternoon. The superblock cycle is every 7300 blocks

We were planning to release our own mining pool this week, due to the wallet release taking more development time than we anticipated. We have put this on hold until next week.

Explorers and Seed nodes
All explorers and seed nodes have been updated to version 12.2.2a, we will bring more servers online next week. Including a new forked version of Iquidus Explorer which will offer more details on the network.

Media Set
We will be releasing a media set which will be free to use under a standard licensing model. Trusted members can then use this to distribute to 3rd parties.

The website server is being upgraded asap, we all know this site needs work. So this is top of the list at the moment.

Proof of View Reward Structure
I’m going to create a separate announcement for this over the next few days, this will form part of the incoming whitepaper, so look out for this soon..

Have a great weekend everyone! More to follow soon

Thanks CC

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