11-05-18 Weekly Announcements

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11-05-18 Weekly Announcements

Post by CryptoCentric » Tue May 15, 2018 8:40 pm

Hi everyone here is your weekly announcement!

We have successfully compiled the new wallet and it is currently being tested on our testnet. We are planning to release this this as soon as possible with a number of modifications.

There are a few items that need to be addressed and tested before this can be released

- Branding, the new branding set is going to be released with the new wallet.
- Premine disablement, this needs to be double checked is working correctly but we have successfully blocked addresses within the testnet.
- We are testing governance at present, so we need a little more time here to see how viable the code is here. It will either be included in this release of the next one.
- DNS seeds are now in place and are ready when the new wallet goes live.

We have two explorer servers now available after migrating to a new faster server set:


We will expand the features within explorer in the near future to include a masternode list and give further details on the masternode list reward ranking.

We have had some good feedback from the community here, if you haven’t looked already please look on the #logo-design channel. We will need to wrap this up as soon as possible as there are a number of areas that we can’t proceed without this first being completed.

The landing page is going to be replaced next week! This is another step that will push us closer to relaunching the coin.

Masternode Collateral
The collateral for masternodes vote is currently under way and is due to close on the 18-05-18, if you haven’t already please vote. #vote-for-victory on Discord

We need to push this back by a day, so apologies if you were expecting some additional information here today. We will release more details on this tomorrow. Exciting times, I’d love to share more today but it needs to be finished correctly.

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