04-05-18 Weekly Announcements

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04-05-18 Weekly Announcements

Post by CryptoCentric » Tue May 15, 2018 8:38 pm

Hi everyone here is your weekly announcement!

ABS Wallet
We have made further progress on the wallet but it needs more work, hopefully myself and @[M]adagaga will have further details next week on this.
We are looking to develop a new version for release ASAP with the new branding which is also still a work in progress.

Masternode Collateral
We will be having a poll regarding increasing the Masternode collateral. This will be the same amount as the entry level tier once the new tier system is integrated and will not change again after this vote.

We have had some good feedback on the logo designs, so thanks to those who contributed to this. Your contribution is not going unnoticed!

We are going to increase the number of explorer services, this will give us additional breathing room to preform maintenance on each service.
We are going to add a rewards tab to explorer, this is work in progress so bear with us while it is being configure. Thanks to @cmelx on this suggestion.

We have initialised a new line of performance servers to host core functions on the network, these will go live over the next week. These include new seed nodes, which will replace the currently defunct DNS seeds from the past dev.

Social Media
Lots to do here, nothing has changed since last week, we will make sure this is all sorted before we relaunch the coin.

We are aiming to base the coin around a social media and advertising based arrangement. There is quite a lot of detail here so until the media is finished I will be brief but QR codes and image recognition will be involved to automatically address payments based on:

Stake holders of ABS will create contracts based on:

Pulling rewards
-Lead generation rewarded by advertising links

Pushing rewards
-Social and advertising media publishing and this is then captured by bots.

A percentage of the reward structure will go to pushing this ideal, which will be phased to a lower figure as transaction volume increases. A higher transaction fee will be placed against these contracts which will be paid as a dividend to stake holders.

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