Standard Masternode FAQ

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Standard Masternode FAQ

Post by AbsoluteCoin » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:52 pm

Q: When is my first pay out after setting up my first Masternode?
A: It is normally 72-100 Hrs after starting the masternode. Pay outs after this depend on how many "Enabled" masternodes there are in the list, you should expect a daily payment base on the current numbers. Restarting your masternode will put you to the back of the payment queue.

Q:My Masternode say Watchdog_Expired
A:This is normally caused by sentinel not working correctly or is not installed. It is highly recommended that you run sentinel and configure it correctly.

Q:I'm sure sentinel is running ok, why does my Msaternode still says Watchdog_Expired?
A:It can take a few hours to update the status.

Q:My Masterndoe say New_Start_Required, what should i do?
A:You should restart the Masternode as soon as possible from your wallet. No pay outs will occur when your Masternode is in this state.

Q: My masternode will not sync with the network? No blocks are being downloaded.
A: Until the next wallet update you will need to add the node list into your absolute.conf

For Windows, edit (windows wallet location, this is normally in Roaming) absolute.conf
For Linux, edit .adsolutecore/absolute.conf

Here is an example for linux:
rpcuser=(ANY USER NAME)
rpcpassword=(ANY PASSWORD)

Q: Where should I install Sentinel on my linux VPS?
A: You should install Sentinel in the .absolutecore folder.

Q: Where can I find Explorer?
A: Explorer can be found here:

3 May 2018
CryptoCentric - 03/05/2018
Q: What is sentinel?
A: Sentinel is a governance, policing and reporting service which looks after the masternodes on the network.

Q: Will I still get paid if Sentinel is not working?
A: Short answer is yes, but if you have start the node for the first time, you will have to wait approximately 60 hours to know if the node is running correctly. To troubleshoot and determine if the node is working correctly we recommend that Sentinel is configured correctly.(edited)

Q: "error while loading shared libraries: 8.0"
A : Run these commands
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev

Q: I have opened my wallet and my node is displaying "NEW_START_REQUIRED", I expected it to say "ENABLED" as everything looks fine. What is happening here?
A: The wallet masternode cache file currently has an issue with syncing with what the network in a timely fashion. If you leave the wallet open long enough it will return to "ENABLED". We would suggest you check the status on the ABS BOT or via a monitoring site such as before taking any further action.

Using's the command 'mnsync reset' from the wallets debug console will reset the cache

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