29-06-18 - Weekly Announcements

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29-06-18 - Weekly Announcements

Post by CryptoCentric » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:37 am

Hi everyone here is your weekly announcement!

It has been a quiet week for the coin but we have been working away the same as always!

Wallets – Version 12.2.3a
The next wallet version will be released on the 21st of July. This release will increase the Masternode collateral to 2500ABS. 1000 ABS Masternodes will not work after the 25th of July. Please make sure you are ready for this sooner rather than later.

We have successfully tested this wallet with the new Masternode collateral and the minimum sentinel requirement. We are planning on testing the interaction between the old and new Masternodes next week. This will make sure the updated Masternode reward structure implementation for 12.2.3a goes smoothly.

We have a brand new Masternode explorer! This explorer allows you to pull detailed information about your Masternode and the estimated reward timings. The Masternode reward structure for ABS is based off of the Dash reward system, this means that the system is based around payment probability. The longer you are in the Masternode list for without payment, the greater chance of a reward being issued to your node.

This is a great addition to the ABS platform. It will allow members to understand when they are estimated to receive rewards and to check on the status of their Masternode.

Link: https://mninfo.absolutecoin.net/

You can check you status of your node in the Masternode list or alternatively input your address like so: https://mninfo.absolutecoin.net/address/ -your_payment_address

Example address:
https://mninfo.absolutecoin.net/address ... 4wgy1oqaax

This explorer also has useful mining and exchange information which can be found here:

- Pools: https://mninfo.absolutecoin.net/pools

- Exchange: https://mninfo.absolutecoin.net/exchanges

Branding documents
We have spent a few days developing new official documents, this will allow us to layout guides and information in a professional way. We will get these released on Sunday.

The latest version of Sentinel (V1.2) is now available on Github. We will be releasing the windows version at a later date nearer the time of the V12.2.3a version release.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the community exchange fund over the past week, thanks to @TMAN we have converted the donated ABS into BTC via a OTC which is currently being finalised today.

https://blockchain.info/address/3PFFjG6 ... oNMjh8J51Z

- ABS: AYVmoN6NUE5zEb6rg6tGZUrwk4toWYwqdT
https://explorer.absolutecoin.net/addre ... k4toWYwqdT

We still need more donations to get to our listing target, so please give whatever you can!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, much more to follow soon!

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