22-06-18 Weekly Announcements

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22-06-18 Weekly Announcements

Post by AbsoluteCoin » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:17 am

Hi everyone here is your weekly announcement!

Wallets – Version 12.2.3a
The next wallet version will be released on the 21st of July. This release will increase the Masternode collateral to 2500ABS. Please make sure you are ready for this sooner rather than later.

The important areas of this release (other than collateral changes) are:

-Sentinel V1.2 will be mandatory. This will be released within the next week. This sentinel version will work with wallet version V12.2.2a as well.

-We will release a guide to make this sentinel upgrade process as easy as possible. Please update ASAP when it has been released

-To receive rewards, your node must now be enabled. If your node displays anything else then you will not receive rewards.

- The 1000 ABS Masternodes will stop receiving rewards on the 25th July. You must update before this date to continue to receive rewards from the network.

-We aim to fix the mncache issue. This will mean that the Windows and Linux hot nodes will display in correct status on open. If you are not aware of this issue, please look at the FAQ.

We are currently updating both explorers to accurately display the coin supply after the premine burn. Once complete this will mean that the figure viewed by the community on explorer and all 3rd party sites will now be accurate.

We are currently producing our own version of explorer which we will release more details on once we have the system online.

Social Media
We will be pushing to increase our presence on social media over the next week, including releasing a YouTube channel.

As you will be aware from reading the Litepaper, we wish to slow the blockchain down to 120 seconds. The current supply distribution was not set by the current development team and therefore we wish to adjust the supply for two reasons:

-To increase stability on the network
-To achieve our long term goals for Absolute

Other members of the community, including myself, are looking at long term (10-20 years) goals for the coin. Adjusting the reward for the correct supply distribution will affect us all, but it is important we get this right now.

We may increase the yearly reduction in supply of ABS, which is currently set at 20%. Any change would come into effect on the 14th February 2019. A proposal will be created once Governance is active to increase this reduction. This will be up to the community to decide.

POV projected rewards
We are going to release a POV income projection. This is important for you as it will give you an idea of your future income, which will be offset against any slowing of the blockchain. We expect this to be a real head turner, so it is something that we can all look forward to in the future.

The latest version of Sentinel has been successfully tested with Governance. Due to an unforeseen error within Sentinel V1.1, Governance is currently offline. It’s replacement V1.2 will fix this issue, so it is important everyone updates Sentinel asap.

We are going to create an Absolute portal which will link all areas of the coin together. This will be the main hub for all community members. We are particularly excited about this and this will be a priority once other important areas of ABS are completed.

Wiki & Media Pack
We are still looking to release/update these. Because other areas of the coin have taken priority, we will now be pushing to get this done next week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, more to follow soon

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