08-06-18 Weekly Announcement

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08-06-18 Weekly Announcement

Post by CryptoCentric » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:51 am

08-06-18 Weekly Announcements

Hi everyone here is your weekly announcement!

Wallets – Version 12.2.2a (released on 30-05-18)
This is the latest release, if you haven’t already, please update to the new version asap.

This release included the follow features:
-Collateral Lockdown
-Superblock reward activation
-Governance activation
-Seed node update (main - test)
-UI re-design

Collateral Lockdown
As you may be aware from others talking on the server, the current supply at the time of me writing this announcement is 3.65 Million ABS. Due to the away the previous development team abandoned the project, we have had no access to the premine.

To safe guard the community it was decided that the entire premine would be permanently lockdown. This accounts for 0.48 Million ABS which will never see circulation. We did not want to announces this officially until the network had consensus on it.

In numbers this means the following:

-Coin Supply: 3.16 Million down from 3.65 Million.
-That is 13.1% of supply removed from the coins current supply.
-ABS locked into the Masternode network is at present is 2.03 Million. With the premine removed that is now a 64.5% lock.

Wallets – Version 12.2.3a
This wallets main feature will be an adjustment in collateral for all Masternodes to 2500ABS. We are aiming to release this version at the end of the month. We won’t know for sure the release date until testing has been completed in the few weeks.

To confirm there will be no 1000ABS Masternodes when this version is fully implemented.

We will be releasing a Litepaper tomorrow (Saturday 9th), this is a cut down version of the forth coming whitepaper. This will give you a deeper understanding of the coin and the proof of view system.

Exchange listings
Once the whitepaper is released we can start applying for exchange listings, no formal consensus has been reached yet on which exchanges we will be applying for yet.

Masternode explorer
We have been working on developing a new explorer fork with Masternode and exchange information integration. This is coming along nicely and will be released when completed.

Install scripts
We will be rolling out a new set of install scripts making it even easier for you to install new VPS Masternodes.

Invite Competition
We will be hosting an invite competition which will run in #challenges by our newly configure ABS Invite Manger Bot. You many of noticed that this bot also tracks coming and going from the server, this can be seen in the new #arriving-leaving channel. More details to follow on this tomorrow

Members System
We will be starting a points system for members based on their support for others and the coin in discord. These will be split into 3 levels which require the following points to enter them.

- Senior Member = 10
- Active Contributor = 4
- Junior Member = 1

Points are awarded every Friday and are listed in the #abs-hall-of-fame you can receive one point per week.

Hope @everyone has a great weekend, more to follow tomorrow!

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